Action Plan


Starting new project can be intimidating, but I can help you to get started and guide you thru the process:


1. What is the need for your project.

2. What it will cost and what are your monetary constraints and budget.

3. How feasible is your idea.

4. What is the process.

5. How to get best building for your money.


The architectural design process consists of Initial Meeting, Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents. 


Initial Meeting

To start the process we will discuss your needs, goals, design objective and construction budget. Site visit for evaluation.


Schematic Design

This design phase involves coordination between owner/client and designer to generate clearly define design with comprehensive scope of work. I will develop basic Floor Plans and Elevations. Here we can explore different design options. When basic design is provided and approved by the owner I will proceed to Design Development Phase.


Design Development

After the general size, layout and character of the house are establish I will began to refine the house Plans and Elevations. Dimensions, notes, door and window sizes will be added. Basic concept of the Structural, Electrical and Mechanical systems for the building will be developed.


Construction Documents

In this phase I make final coordination with all necessary disciplines and produce a complete set of construction documents with all the necessary information needed for city submittal and obtaining building permit.


Please let me know if I can answer any of your questions or concerns by contacting me, and I will be happy to share you with my knowledge and my expertise.