Developing trust based and enduring relationship with my clients is always my goal. Buildings itself that I am creating are actually the products of this relationship. Each project deserves its own unique attention and, I am providing very personalized design services for all my clients. spaces that help people to flourish in their home environment. For the client’s benefit I have been stressing on environmentally sensitive design and energy efficient technologies. Most of us are still using for example slow and inefficient stud frame construction method. We don’t use many outdated tools and gadgets any more, why use outdated construction methods when new and better ones are available. These new methods benefit everyone: owner, contractor and environment. You will be saving natural resources, energy, time and money too. I am talking here about structural insulated panels (SIP).



Comprehensive + Building + Design


I am providing full range of services from site planning to construction administration. The scope of work varies from project to project but typically include: existing house documentation - when required, complete building design, 3D  modeling, set of proposed building permit documents, kitchen and bath design, cabinetry design, selection of materials and finishes, coordination with various city or county departments, and assistance during  bidding  and  construction processes. I have developed strong relationship with other disciplines like structural engineers and landscape designers. I am committed to environmentally sensitive design and use of energy efficient technologies.




It is a matter of going beyond what is expected


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